Buyer Broker Program

Our buyer broker program is designed to help serious buyers find the right business in the right location at the right time. Using our database technology, we target specific industries or geographic areas to find businesses for sale that are not formally listed with a broker. Our experience reveals that at a given time only 10% of businesses that might be available are listed due to concerns about confidentiality. We can help you reach these companies.

Our program includes:

  • Identifying targets.
  • Initial contact
  • Attending all meetings with you
  • Determining fair value
  • Help with preparing your offer
  • Negotiation
  • Closing assistance

Since these companies are not already on the market, we are often the first one in the door. This gives us the advantage of avoiding competitive bidding against other buyers often resulting in a better price or terms.

“We will never represent a seller and a buyer in the same transaction.”

Franchise Consulting

Some buyers may prefer to start a new business rather than purchase an existing company; or they may want a particular geographic area but can’t find a suitable business. In these cases we can help you find a franchise that will fit your personality and capabilities. Today there are more than 3000 franchise opportunities.

It is well documented that starting a franchise has a much higher success rate than starting an independent business. This is a direct result of the training, support and systems in place at most reputable franchises.

Using our system we will:

  • Run a profile to determine the general type of business that is best for you
  • Help you find suitable opportunities
  • Guide you during the fact finding and validation process

The best part is that our fee is paid by the Franchisor!

Strategic Consulting

As part of the process of reviewing your business prior to listing, we can often uncover areas of improvement that can potentially increase the value of your business now or in the future. In these cases we can help you make the necessary changes. In some cases, the changes are easy or cosmetic and do not delay listing your business. In other cases, it will make more sense to delay marketing you business until the required changes can take effect and increase value

Financing Assistance

Given our experience with closing transactions, we can refer you to our bank and non bank lending contacts to help you get the financing required to close the deal or refinance an existing note.