There are approximately 3000 different franchise opportunities available today. In fact most good business ideas will sooner or later be systematized and expanded through the franchising concept. In reality, that is what franchising is; a method of expanding a business by bringing in owner/partners as opposed to employees. The new owners’ chances of success are greatly improved by the experience, support and systems approach developed by the Franchisor. Here are some facts you should consider:

  • After 10 years 90% of new franchises are still in business vs. less than 20% of independent business startups. Like buying a successful business, franchising is a safer way to get into business for yourself.

  • With franchising you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

  • Because of the extensive training and support, franchising is one of the few ways a person can safely change their career path.

  • Franchises make up less than 10% of business outlets but account for over 40% of dollar sales volume in the United States.

  • 94% of franchise owners consider the business successful and 75% would do it again knowing what they know Today.

A sampling of the wide range of available industries which are franchised follows:

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Auto Products and Services

  • Books

  • Building and Remodeling

  • Business Services

  • Childrens’ Products

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Employment

  • Food, Beverage

  • Health and Fitness

  • Home Furnishings

  • Internet

  • Lawn and Garden

  • Mail and Packaging

  • Parties, Gifts

  • Pet Products

  • Clothing

  • Computers

  • Consumer Services

  • Education and Training

  • Photography

  • Printing and Copying

  • Publishing

  • Real Estate

  • Rental Services

  • Signs

Within each of these categories are numerous options to consider.

After our initial meeting, we will narrow the field to several that make sense for you based upon your buyer profile.

We will help you gather the information, fill out the required forms and evaluate the opportunity. Best of all, our fee is paid by the Franchisor! email for more information.