For Buyers

Whether you are an individual buyer, a corporation looking to grow by expansion or a private equity group, Business Marketing Services can help you find the right opportunity.

Corporations and Private Equity Groups certainly know what they are looking for and have very likely made acquisitions in the past. Most individual buyers have not.

As an Individual buyer you should ask yourself some important questions before you begin an acquisition search. These questions will help you determine whether owning your own business is the right thing for you to do.


A. What salary and return on investment do you require?

B. Are you willing to take on personal debt to finance the business?

C. How much equity can you contribute for a down payment and working capital?

D. How much money do you have set aside for living expenses during the initial


Time commitment

A. How many hours will you work each week?

B. How long will you own the business before selling it?


A. What are your personal/business skills?

B. How does your spouse feel about buying a business?

C. Are you willing to do the “hands on” jobs that only owners must handle?

These are just a few of the questions you will need to answer. Surely, you will have your own your set.

If you have honestly answered the questions above and you are serious about looking for a business, we can help. If you have found something of interest on this site, you will need to fill out a Nondisclosure Agreement and a Buyer Questionnaire before information can be released. Upon receipt and review of these documents we will contact you with more detailed information. Download Buyer documents now in MS Word format. If you cannot download a Word document, either call or email and we will forward the documents to you.

If you don’t find anything of interest I will enter you into our Active Buyer Database and forward new opportunities to you as they arise. Another possible course would be to consider our Buyer/Broker Program.